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Onion Advertising Platform
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Get in front of customers when they’re searching. Only pay for results, like clicks, impression or target.


Who we are
The Onion Search Engine is the reference search engine for searching the onion network. It is a keyword-based engine that doesn't track you and doesn't spy on you. Onion Search Engine respects your privacy and does not use external codes to track you. The advertisements that are displayed in the searches are based exclusively on the keywords used.

What we offer
The Onion Search Engine offers the opportunity to promote and expand your business using the search engine advertising platform. Our advertising platform gives the possibility to create personalized campaigns to reach users interested in your business.

in detail
The advertising platform in detail allows you to upload your advertising banners that link to your site or your business or to your social profile on one or all of our websites and specifically: All banners can be personalized with your own graphics, created by you or if you are not capable we can create them for you.

What types of banners are accepted
The banners accepted by our platform are the following:

Where the banners are placed and when they appear
Banners are placed in search results or in our Android App. Banners are displayed in two different ways, when the user enters user-defined keywords or always independently of the search. The mode is defined when the campaign is created.

How much it costs to advertise
The cost depends on the different advertising methods. Here are some types of promotion: For more information contact us with the form, we will reply immediately.

How can I pay
All services can be paid in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Once the campaign has been created in order to activate it, we will send you the request to add funds from our BtcPayNow payment system.


Onion Advertising Platform is part of Onion Search Engine